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Finding the right nursing home for your loved one is crucial to their overall wellbeing. You need to find one that can guarantee their comfort and security, can provide the proper care, and have credible staff.

Here are helpful steps to do in choosing a nursing home suggested by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Step 1

Gather information about different facilities and invest time to pay a visit.

Step 2

When visiting, be sure to ask critical questions to ensure the facility’s credibility. Ask about their health care and services, about their staff, accommodations, and about their payment policies,

Step 3

Tour each nursing home, and survey the area and the environment. It is also helpful to ask the residents about their experience with the facility’s staff when possible.

Step 4

Narrow your choices and select at least three nursing homes you think are good and re-visit them. Conduct a more thorough survey and meet with the administrators.

You may also want to consult the following Consumer and Provider Service Organizations:

  • Alzheimer’s Association of Eastern Massachusetts

    Telephone: 617-494-5150
    Helpline: 800-548-2111

  • LeadingAge Massachusetts
    Telephone: 617-244-2999

  • Living is for the Elderly (LIFE) Nursing Home Resident Advocacy Group

    Telephone: 781-646-1000 ext. 4733

  • Massachusetts Senior Care Association
    Telephone: 617-558-0202

  • Massachusetts Elderline

    General Consumer Information on Free Prescription Drug Program and Services for the Elderly
    Telephone: 800-243-4636

  • Hospice Federation of Massachusetts
    Telephone: 781-225-7077

elderly woman with her companion